Tuesday, 21 April 2009

what's your problem?

my favourite breakfast is VX nerve gas/liquid on toast.

i eat it and think 'this is delicious'. 

VX nerve gas/liquid is very very toxic and smells of peaches or other sickly sweet fruits.

VX nerve gas/liquid was discovered in wiltshire in england which is in britain which is part of europe sort of.

the V in VX stands for 'very' i think. the X stands for X-treme. this is a bastardisation.

i am going to put VX nerve gas/liquid into the coffee machine at work. i am going to put VX nerve gas/liquid into all of my co-worker's coffee. 

i am going to smear the ebola virus onto the the doughnuts that my work colleagues eat. 

i am going to lace my porridge with hepatitis. 
i am going to powder some razor blades and put them on my bosses comb so that he accidently cuts all of his hair off.

i am going to slowly tear apart the world that i live in and pour acid on the rubble so that i can drink it up like a bloated and corpulent fly.

i am going to consume everything and then collapse.

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DJ Berndt said...

Socrates will control the world for awhile.