Wednesday, 30 December 2009

update re: current situation

i sit alone in my room looking out of the window for about eight hours each day.
i tap away on my computer amending and updating and writing new things.
i listen to music all day long.
i eat three vitamin tablets a day; Multivitamin and iron (general health), Omega 3, 6 , 9 (brain and heart health), Cod liver oil (joint health).
i have for breakfast each day two slices of wholemeal bread for slow release energy and also one cup of water for hydration.
i go to the local pool and go swimming nearly every day.
i sit in the spa at the local pool and my head is totally empty.
i think about reaching out to people etc.
i go shopping for very small things to keep me alive e.g olive oil spread.
i am in love with my life and i hope that it never changes except for a couple of things.
i can see buses almost whenever i want to.
i can see red brick buildings almost whenever i want to.
i downloaded google chrome; it is now my default browser.
i look at a lot of slate every day.
i am cold almost every day.

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DJ Berndt said...

A man is an island.