Monday, 22 November 2010

great writing (should i shut this blog down?)

Here is a series of haiku poems written by Ellen, the daughter of the television presenter. She is sixteen years old and loves writing poetry. It helps her relax. She always leaves the first letters of her sentences in the lower case. She does it because she thinks that it makes all of the words as important as each other, in some way.

feeling young
although I don't know
nothing else

who am I
i have no idea
who I am

what is life
is it anything
or nothing

why do i
do the things i do
i don't know

She buys notebooks in packs of three from a local newsagent and fills them up with poems and short stories. Her dad worries about her from time to time because she is so introverted. Sometimes she writes poems about hating her father because he spends so little time with her. There are paintings from her very early childhood in which her depiction of her father is a scrawled black angry scribble, compared to a smiling mother, happy house and rolling younger brother. She would always draw herself holding a book.

Ellen is checking her email. As she checks it, one of her friends sends her a message through gmail chat. They have this conversation:

tracy: hi ellen - your dad's on tv. the other two presenters r so fucking hot. can your dad get me to meet them?

ellen: haha that is sick.
he can't get you to meet them.
you are a slut, tracy.

tracy: haha i would like to have sex with the small one
he looks like a rat
like a man-sized rat
that is hot
your dad is hot

ellen: fuck you

tracy: fuck you

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DJ Berndt said...

This is great writing indeed and you should not shut down this blog.