Monday, 18 July 2011

a kiss

i try and kiss you so that you can tell me about what it feels like to be kissed. you say, 'it feels fine'. i write it down in a book. i say, 'why did you let me do it?' you say, 'whatever'. i turn and look at the wall for four hours.


a bit later you are asleep. i write about it in my notebook and move your hand around without waking you. when you wake up i ask you what it's like to be asleep. you say, 'i can't remember.'


the next day you come home from work. you are wearing a grey skirt and a grey jacket and a white shirt. i say, 'what is work like?' you say, 'it's the same as not working.'


we look at each other over dinner. you look at me and i look at you. i say, 'what am i like?' you say, 'the same as me.' i say, 'what are you like?' you turn and look at the wall for four hours.


DJ Berndt said...

whoa, this is great.

the internet has missed you, Soc.

Richard Owain Roberts said...

i enjoyed this. looking forward to your book, also.

gamefaced said...

top drawer.

sarah san said...


p p bloxham said...

soc I am reading bits of your book and feeling great