Sunday, 31 August 2008


I am on Holiday. I have come away from the daily grind. I am in a wooden room. The walls are made of wood. It is a brown, wooden room. I think the room is infested with wood worm. I think they are eating away at the wood beneath my feet. I'm going to fall through the floor into a big cooking pot and get eaten by a cannibal. The scenery outside is lovely. I haven't left my room for the four days I have been here so far. 

I have not participated in watersports. I have not gone to the nightclubs. I have not eaten local produce. I have not had the sun shining on my face. I have not been to any ancient ruins. I have not been to the local shops. I have not gone swimming in the sea. I have not bought any miniature figurines. I have not had a romantic incident with any young ladies or a prostitute. I have not developed an unwell gastric system. 

My gastric system is just fine.

My dinner every night is a rollmop.

My breakfast in the mornings is some raisins.

My lunchtime is consist of eating one bread and maybe I also do a filling of creamy ham and butters. 

Everytime I always doing my toilet to the tick tock regular always I have the handsome deposit in the basin. 

My cameras is memory fullup with a brown square. Every picture a brown square I have many squares.

I am trying to speak like a local person trying to speak English.

I think this makes my racist. 

I am even less happy here than in the other place. 


sam pink said...

i like this

xtx said...

so good. like eating icecream while masturbating and also going down on a guy in between ice cream bites and not gaining any weight and then getting a new puppy