Sunday, 2 November 2008

Rich, tomato sauce.

I have just eaten the most deliciously rich tomato sauce I have ever tasted. The sauce was so delicious that it made me eat the entire plate of pasta in under 2 mins.

I washed it down with some sparkling mineral waterfalls.

I carefully asked the waiter whether I could watch the chef making the sauce so that I could learn how to make it in the comfort of my own home. The waiter said "Si".

The waiter guided me through the tables and children into the secret kitchen of the restaurant where the chef lives.

I am in the kitchen now.

The kitchen is dark. There are no lights in here. I can smell rich tomato sauce coming from all around me. I feel like maybe this is heaven. I feel like I am having sexual intercourse with the rich tomato sauce.

I am fumbling through the darkness of the kitchen. I can here some sort of frying in the distance. Maybe there is a light also from the frying. There is definitely a light source. I follow the light.

There it is. The secret of the sauce. There is a human sized bottle. Inside the bottle is a human surrounded by thick, rich, tomato sauce. The bottle is a filter. The human is Lloyd Grossman.