Monday, 19 October 2009

blistering return to the womb

i look at the screen for a long time maybe two hours or longer. i am not sure where the screen ends and where the physical world begins. my screen is physical but also has an intellectual connection with my mind.

my screen has a physical connection to my mind. my screen is a single glowing panel. it creates light, or rather it converts electrical energy into luminescence.

i am watching luminescent patterns appear on my screen. lumen is an ancient word for light. light was the same a thousand years ago although it didn't often come from a screen.

thousands of years ago people had different jobs to the jobs that we do today. i think i would have been a gladiator thousands of years ago. i watch the light on my screen change in reaction to the movements of my fingers.

my fingers want to hold a sword and stab animals and get covered in blood. i want to wipe animals blood over my face and shout.

only joking.

i am happy manipulating a keyboard and watching the light change on my screen.

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