Friday, 30 October 2009

Preview of Novel. (13000 words)

Chapter 8

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Welcome to the members area of the site. Pretty soon you will be eligible to earn real money completing surveys for our clients. Our clients value the opinions of ordinary hard working human beings like you. The first step is to complete one of the introductory surveys you will find below and send us the results so that we can build up a picture of which demographic group you belong to. It should take no longer than 5 – 40 minutes depending on the survey you take and your reading ability and length of your answers. Please select a survey to take:

      1. Your Household

      2. Products that you use

      3. Important events in your life

      4. Sports and lesiure

      5. Politics and power

      6. Your job

Important Events in your life.

Please answer the following questions as honestly as possible. If you do not answer honestly you will not be eligible for any money.

When did you leave school? - Over five years ago.

Why did you leave school? - To be a salesman and make a lot of money selling tubes.

Do you have a job? - Yes I sell tubes.

Have you moved away from home? - Yes

Why did you choose to move away from home? - I found living with my parents difficult and wanted my independence.

Have you ever had a life threatening injury/disease? - No, although I fell out of a swing when I was young which was quite close to a road.

Are you currently suffering from a terminal disease/Do you expect to die soon? - No!

Does anyone in your family have any life threatening diseases? - My daughter is a tube.

Do you have any grandchildren? - No

When are you going to get pregnant? - N/A

Please do not answer any questions with N/A, our clients need full answers that truly reflect your personality and needs. Please answer again.

When are you going to get pregnant – Never, I am a man.

Please do not answer any questions with Never, we don't know what is going to happen in life. Please answer again.

When are you going to get pregnant? - As soon as possible.

What is the achievement in your life of which you are most proud? - Never taking drugs.

Have you ever been the victim of Hurricane Katrina? - Indirectly. When that many people die, the whole world suffers.

Have you ever been the victim of any other generic natural disasters? - Minor earthquake which I didn't notice was going on but in the morning a tree had fallen on my car.

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be in a coma and thought that maybe being in a coma wouldn't be so bad? - No

Do you often think about comas? - No

Have you ever thought about the best way to induce a coma? - No

Have you ever wondered about the mental experiences of someone who is in a coma? - Yes

Have you ever thought that your whole life is your own dream and that you are in a coma? - No

How do you think time is perceived whilst in a coma? - Slowly I suppose.

Do you have any children? - Yes, one girl, tube shape, indeterminate age.

Thank you for completing the survey. You are not eligible for any future surveys and have earned no money. Your account will be deleted shortly.

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