Friday, 16 July 2010

short story

is now up at 'beat the dust'

i am really happy with the way the story looks.

i am waiting for a printer to arrive. i am sitting by my window, eyeing up every roughly van shaped vehicle that goes by, thinking, this could be it.

they have all driven by.

a really large lorry stopped in front of the row of houses that i live in. a man got out and started unstrapping the thick fasteners on the side of the canvas of the container.

i thought, 'this can't be it, coming in such a big lorry.'

the man got out a parcel that was the right size to contain a printer. i kept thinking 'this isn't happening'.

he took the parcel down the road to somewhere else, fastened up the clips again, and drove off into the rest of his life.

i am still waiting.

i was hoping that at the end of this blog post i could say, 'i know it seems crazy, but the parcel came while i was typing the post up.'

no way.

come on.

keep typing.

going to stop now.


DJ Berndt said...

You should have kept typing!

Giles Ruffer said...

Make sure it doesn't get sent to the wrong address and then back to the sorting office and then to Belfast to be incinerated!

Enjoyed the story and your use of the word 'bangers'. Made me think of this -

Anonymous said...

Like the Samuel Becket play then, almost.

Except they didn't know who or what they were waiting for, or did they?