Thursday, 22 July 2010

gchat with DJ berndt

me: how can we make this happen?
11:32 PM DJ: super powers
I'll go try to acquire them, I have to run for a bit anyway
be back in like 25 minutes
me: let's have a conversation
and then i will post it on my blog
ok let's go
DJ: oh no
me: oh
you are going
no probs
fuck you
DJ: can we do it in 25 minutes?
me: no way
time is money, babe
11:33 PM DJ: I will hurry
me: no way
DJ: xoxo
me: this is going up
you 'bailing' on me
when i needed you most
in my hour of need
i hate you
DJ: ok, you've convinced me to stay
me: brb


DJ Berndt said...

you've crossed me for the last time, Soc.

Socrates Adams-Florou said...


Crispin Best said...

dj is the american equivalent of 'the u.s. president'

Crispin Best said...

(joke c/o socrates a-f)

DJ Berndt said...

thanks Crispin, you've made my day.

Shaun Gannon said...

im too, hate DJ berndy.