Monday, 9 August 2010

gchat #2 with DJ Berndt

me: i hate it

i hate fosters
12:14 AM
my favourite drink is 'woman's milk' and vodka

DJ: wtf

me: a call it

the 'extra white russian'

it's delicious

DJ: hahahaha

woman's milk?

me: human milk + vodka

so delicious

DJ: oh my god Soc

me: it's common to drink woman's milk in england

DJ: shut up

me: do you not do it in the states?
12:15 AM

it's delicious

DJ: you lie

me: much sweeter than cow's milk

i'm serious

DJ: such a liar

I'm asking Ani

me: look it up

ask away
12:16 AM
DJ: I don't believe you

me: it's true


you should try it sometime

it's really delicious

and good for you

DJ: Whaaaat

this is insane

my mind is blown
12:17 AM
me: most restaurants have like a 'milk section' on the menu

i can't believe you didn't know this

DJ: I'm shocked

you drink milk that comes from a person?

me: yeah


DJ Berndt said...

hahahaha, you bastard.

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

this is my own personal favourite blog post on this blog of all time

Ani Smith said...

best gchat ever in the world

ana c. said...


Shiona said...

This is Bianca. Her son is 11 and her daughter is 7. Her husband is an adult man, obviously

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

really amazing breast-feeding pic

Shiona said...

just an example of a normal british family that's all

DJ Berndt said...

Shiona has validated me.