Thursday, 22 July 2010

gchat with DJ berndt

me: how can we make this happen?
11:32 PM DJ: super powers
I'll go try to acquire them, I have to run for a bit anyway
be back in like 25 minutes
me: let's have a conversation
and then i will post it on my blog
ok let's go
DJ: oh no
me: oh
you are going
no probs
fuck you
DJ: can we do it in 25 minutes?
me: no way
time is money, babe
11:33 PM DJ: I will hurry
me: no way
DJ: xoxo
me: this is going up
you 'bailing' on me
when i needed you most
in my hour of need
i hate you
DJ: ok, you've convinced me to stay
me: brb

desktop battle

i have become obsessed with winning this desktop battle.

please look at the site and if you feel as though i deserve to win, vote for me.

i feel as though i am fighting an behalf of 'all humanity'

Friday, 16 July 2010

short story

is now up at 'beat the dust'

i am really happy with the way the story looks.

i am waiting for a printer to arrive. i am sitting by my window, eyeing up every roughly van shaped vehicle that goes by, thinking, this could be it.

they have all driven by.

a really large lorry stopped in front of the row of houses that i live in. a man got out and started unstrapping the thick fasteners on the side of the canvas of the container.

i thought, 'this can't be it, coming in such a big lorry.'

the man got out a parcel that was the right size to contain a printer. i kept thinking 'this isn't happening'.

he took the parcel down the road to somewhere else, fastened up the clips again, and drove off into the rest of his life.

i am still waiting.

i was hoping that at the end of this blog post i could say, 'i know it seems crazy, but the parcel came while i was typing the post up.'

no way.

come on.

keep typing.

going to stop now.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

2 haikus

a tired driver driving
wishing that he was at home
hoping the lights are green

a tired cyclist cycling
wishing that he was at home
hoping the lights are red