Tuesday, 30 September 2008


I have been nominated for a prestigious and well-regarded award.


I want to win so badly it makes me want to cry.
I am going to ruthlessly bribe and coerce my way to the top.
I am going to bribe the judges with a saucy card with a photo of an area of my leg which I have shaved on it.
I am going to make a delicious feast of marinaded goat in moroccan spices.
I am going to win.
I have to win.
Winning is my destiny.
If I lose I will be crushed.
I have never been to an awards ceremony.
I will win.
What happens if I don't win?
I think I might get fired if I don't win.
I am going to check with my boss.

My boss says I can't go.


xtx said...

your boss needs a chainsaw enema.

you will win. I have seen it.

Martin Higgins said...

Congratulations on your nomination sir. I hear they are showing a montage of clips from your most iconic roles.

sally cook said...

you will win. if I win you can have the accolade. I will say my blog is actually written by you. But I will keep the £50. You can have the heavy belt. I won't win. but you might.

congratulations and that.

Eli Regan said...

for what it's worth (certainly not £50) I want you to win.

Jenn said...

I want you to win too. But I would like a go on the heavy belt please.

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

thanks for all of this support guys. it means a lot to me. i'm scared

manchester blog said...

Hey socrates, can you really not come? I would like it if you could read at this event. Get in touch via the email on the manchizzle if you can.

And the belt isn't really that heavy.