Sunday, 8 February 2009

Electronic feedback mistake.

I am looking upwards from my bed out of the roof window. I can see the stretching beauty of the heavens. I am a small and insignificant extension of humanity. I am very important and life size. I am larger than life size.

I am thinking about my ambitions and other potentially exciting things. I do not think that I have a plan that will let me realise my ambitions. The man lying next to me turns towards me. It is not a man, it is a demon.

"Hi Pal."

"Hi Demon."

"Come on pal, sort your self out."


The demon dissapears. He is replaced by a phone. I dial myself through the phone lines and end up somewhere else. I am an electronic communication, stretching outwards and finding other pulses of light.

I think that I am going to short-circuit myself. I think that I am having a malfunction. I am a mixture of flesh and light.

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