Friday, 13 February 2009

I am

a writer who doesn't write anything

sitting on my sofa feeling lost

getting fatter and fatter every day

not capable

thinking about the time someone came up to me and got me worried


not asking anything of anyone

totally all over it like a rash, tell me what to do and i will achieve it i don't know why no one takes me seriously take me seriously i cannot sustain the level of quality over a long period of time that i can display over a short period of time what is the point in any of this what is the point i am losing my sense of irony and buying into a load of crap gowgnw


ty bluesmith said...

hi. i am attempting for the second time in several seconds to tell you that your post hit home with me.

Aiden Clarkson said...

i suggest a bath.

Ani Smith said...

Sometimes I think if I were a boy from Manchester I would be you.

[That doesn't help you, I know. Um. Listen to Aiden up there maybe?]