Friday, 27 February 2009


An immense feeling of melancholy.

Is anything getting better?


DJ Berndt said...

The Last Thing I Will Do Before I Kill Myself Is Check My Spam E-Mail Folder One Last Time For A Legitimate Message From The Exiled Prince Of A Foreign Country

Life is existentially insignificant and lacks philosophical meaning.
I am mentally overwhelmed and spiritually detached.
Life is morally empty and emotionally joyless.
I am physically imbalanced and realistically going to die alone.

Logically, I recognize that I am unable to effectively recall the majority of my life's experiences.

Aesthetically, you are beautiful but most things are not.

Honestly, I want to decapitate a large rabbit and cut off its face with the ears still on and put it over mine and hop around, screaming "I am the result of everything that nature has ever intended to happen!" and evenly spreading the large rabbit's brain matter and skull tissue and blood evenly over a large empty field of dying grass. But maybe none of this is true and I just need you to hug me as hard as you possibly can.

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

Hi DJ.
This is an excellent response to the Kim Wilde song, Cambodia. I am very pleased that this melancholic and tuneful song has illicited such a powerful and well thought out response in you.

Please take care,