Wednesday, 24 March 2010


i recently went to america accidentally, and, in a trance, bought two american copies of chris killen's novel, the bird room.

i want to give away these two copies, as i already own a copy of the book. they are no different to the english version except they have a completely different nationality.

there are some things about these two copies that are very special.

1. They are signed by Chris. They are the only American versions that he will sign because he is unlikely to go to America to sign any more of them.

2. They are annotated by Chris. In one copy the annotations are about the sections of the book that Chris is most happy with. In the other copy, the annotations are about the sections of the book that Chris is least happy with.

here is what you have to do to win this 'unique' prize.

1. Decide which book you would like to win.

2. Write a fictional review of the book, without having first read it. If you would like to win the 'happy' book, write a glowing review. If you would like to win the 'least happy' book, write a 'scathing/blisteringly devastating' review. Keep the review under 500 words.

3. Send the review to socratesadams at gmail dot com by Friday the 2nd of April.

4. Wait until the the following Monday for the result.

these copies are excellent, premium-grade copies of 'the bird room' which is, in itself, a premium-grade novel.


Socrates Adams-Florou said...

P.S the reviews will be posted somewhere fantastic for everyone to admire

Pippi in the Doghouse said...

I thought the book was great, un-put-down-able. A real page-turner. Reading it made me feel 'happy', I especially liked the 'words'.

I think I should win one because it will be exciting for you to post something to Poland.

Crispin Best said...

the guy in this new picture at the top looks crazy almost

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

hi pippi - could you e-mail me the review so that the entry is 'official'?

hi crispin - what kind of guy could inspire a pic like that do you think?

richard owain roberts said...

will there be written feedback (min 100 words) for 'each and every' entry?

if not, it could be a deal-breaker.

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

Hi richard. You will receive a 400 page report about your review. The report will be broken into the following sections.

1. Good Morning (general intro)
2. Good Evening (more personal intro)
3. How do you do (a break down of your choice of font and what it says about you)
4. Poetry Corner (a personal poem, based on your review)
5. Everyone is a great guy (an in depth discussion of why everyone is a great guy)
6. Who's your daddy (a section on genetics)

I hope that this info will help to 'seal the deal'. I look forward to receiving your entry.


richard owain roberts said...


expect an entry.

Stephen O'Toole said...

have entered

Stephen O'Toole said...

stressfully, sent it to a 'googlemail', rather than a 'gmail' address.

hope i haven't missed the closing date