Sunday, 11 November 2007

Always write a plan.

I'm trying to organise my thoughts. I'm sitting at a desk with a pen and some paper. My father used to tell me to make lists in order to give me direction. Lists can be read from the top to the bottom - this is called organisation. Organisation means always checking your bank statements online. To do this you have to remember your username which is thintom, and your password which is plcltdcoop. If you don't remember these things then you've got no chance of being organised. When you check your bank statements you need to make a spreadsheet on Microsoft Excel so that you can always know whether your outgoings are balanced out by your incomings. If they are not, then you are not organised. When I am organised I feel like everything is fine. When I am not organised I definately feel like I am letting myself down. My desk is throbbing beneath my hand. The paper is waiting for my mark. Post-it notes. I definately need post-it notes. I cut five pieces of A4 paper into squares. I brew some tea. I place the squares of paper in the tea. The paper is now the colour of post-it notes. I have no glue. I make some porridge. I paste sticky porridge on a section of the first post-it note. It looks delicious. I eat my post-it notes.

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