Thursday, 22 November 2007

Wet Blanket

I am lying face up in bed and there is something drip dripping onto my forehead from directly above me that is threatening to drive me insane. It keeps beating down on me from above. It is incessant. It is unstoppable. To discover where the fluid is coming from all I need do is move my arm approx 50 cms upwards and slightly to the right and turn on old Mr. Light switch and have a look around. I only need move my arm and hand half a metre. I can't be bothered to move my hand and arm. My face is starting to feel sticky. The liquid keeps beating down on me. I wonder if this is how stalagmites are formed. I wonder if my head is going to become an unusual geological formation. Will I soon become a troglodyte? How will I breathe if my face/mouth is all bunged up with limestone? I am sure that the flood of fluid on my face is blood. I can sort of taste it. Why is there blood dripping from my ceiling?


Frank Morgan said...

soz about the mess on your ceiling, i said I'd clean it up didn't I?

Frank Morgan said...

oh, and I don't reckon, I am!

(ha ha, thanks for the link)