Thursday, 15 November 2007


Music is coming out of the television and is accompanying moving images on the flat panel of the television. It's definately an advert. This advert is part of the new and increasingly popular genre of advert that is called "Many Small things all together in an unusual context with profound music." The music is warming and definately deeply profound. The advert is selling us a lifestyle and definately something that I want to consume. The advert is confident and moving but also subversive; it makes us recontextualise something in an unforseen way. I am sitting five inches from the screen. Or rather, my face is sitting five inches from the screen. Or rather, my body is sitting a distance from the screen which allows my face to remain motionless from the screen at a distance of five inches. I feel a hollow resignation to stupor filling me up from bottom to top. Or top to bottom. These moments of total there is a movement apathy stopping the movement and I'm turned off to be turned on. I'm turned off to be turned on. I feel completely amazing I am consuming the images I am consuming all of the implied experience that my Television is supplying I am devouring all of the lives of others. I feel like a vampire swooping.

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Frank Morgan said...

careful, i went blind doing that