Saturday, 10 November 2007

I don't really know. What's going on.

There is no light except for the light that is coming from the salt that I have been piling up on the floor. Bleach light from the salt. My brand new knife from Tescos is in my hand. I think about it for a second and then bring the knife down through the salt slicing. I have cut the salt and now it lays there in two pieces. I take the wet cod and press him into the salt curing the surface. The coated cod cured. I think briefly and stuff the salted cod into my mouth. It tastes magnificent in my mouth. It tastes of the sea in my mouth. I feel the waves in my mouth I feel the sand in my mouth the grit in the cods insides inside my mouth. This has to stop.


Socrates Adams-Florou said...

First post ever babes. I am crying.

Crispin Best said...

omgosh you haven't changed a bit!