Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Live life or else.

I am looking at 500g of swiss cheese. I am touching 500g of swiss cheese with my fingers. It has been 30 minutes since I started touching my swiss cheese with my warm fingers. The cheese is yellow and looks like plastic. The cheese is nearly warm enough. I think of a cows udder. Attached to the udder is a fibre optic cable. Milk flows from the udder through the cable, sort of twisting around and lighting up. The fibre optic cables are plugged into the back of the fridge. Inside the fridge is a monstrous block of swiss cheese that seems to be pulsing. In the time it has taken for me to imagine the plot of my short film "Unnatural Lactation: Genesis Fromage" the cheese has been warmed enough. My short film is going to be better than Naked Lunch but will definately include a lot of tubes and a man addicted to drugs. I'm going to remake Naked lunch. I'm not going to waste my life. I finally start to think about the holes in my cheese. I wish there was more cheese in there. I take 40 minutes licking away the cheese until it's all eaten up. I write this weakness in my diary.

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Frank Morgan said...

Cheese is a kind of meat
A tasty yellow beef
I milk it from my teat
But I try to be discreet
Oh, cheese
Oh, cheese
Oh, cheese is very sweet