Sunday, 25 January 2009

A Disastrous and Unavoidable Event

All of the most wonderful and life affirming words that I can think of are pouring into my mind from every possible side.






My boss has been fired. I feel like the only possible thing that can make my life any better now is if my plant wasn't slowing dying.

My plant has been slowly dying ever since I bought it.

I am trying to become more responsible and I think that looking after a plant is a fantastic way to do this. My plant has a human face that smiles at me.

I am going to bed later and later and later. I find it so hard to sleep because I don't want to sleep. If I fall asleep then the next day is nearly here. Every day is a terrible day. I watch videos of animals fighting each other and then feel guilty.

I never think about sexual things. I feel as though the part of my mind concerned with sexual things has been somehow deactivated. I feel as though the part of my mind concerned with sexual things has been taken away from me and replaced with a part of someone else's brain who likes to eat burritos.

Being a girl for a while might want me to eat less burritos. Trying to be a physical creature instead of a brain floating in gelatinous human fat would make me want to eat less burritos. I want to consume everything in the world. I feel totally happy when I am consuming everything that I see.

I think about trying to be a tough guy. I don't think I can do it. My boredom not force me to do something incredible.

The stars are drawing in and shining powerfully into my eyes,
I turn from one side to the other full of disgust as the stars,
Burn a gap into my head where my brain was,
I collapse with no brain into a drooling heap,
Powered by the rays of the stars that I love.


xtx said...

this was extremely beautiful and life affirming. i am serious.

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

i am flattered

Ani Smith said...

I'm sorry about your plant.

wagner israel cilio iii said...

i am sorry every day is terrible. maybe if you read this blog 'no chance'. it imbues my existence with a gregarious lightness and existential agility.

sam pink said...

good post

Anonymous said...

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