Monday, 26 January 2009

Sticky Lattice

Just walking down the street, nothing odd going on to make me feel odd. One foot in front of the other I have a great technique.

My foot is stuck in something. It is an unusually large piece of chewing gum.

I lift my leg up with all of my might. My foot is still attached to the floor. I use my hand to move the chewing gum. It is too strong for me to break. I try and take the gum off my hand with my other hand. The gum is now stuck to both of my hands.

The gum is now stuck to every part of my body.

I am trapped in a huge mass of unusually sticky and strong and flexible gum.

I slowly am forced into a crouching position by the powerful elastic tension of the gum. I think that if someone were looking at me they might think that I am an unusually large coccoon.

I start to eat my way out. When I emerge I think that I might be a new creature. When I emerge I think that I will be absolutely fine. When I emerge my guts will be bunged up with sticking and twice chewed gum.

I am so god damned cool.