Monday, 5 January 2009


A quiet and dark room with a glow in it and me in it in the glow in it glowing. A thought of blood and vampires. A small and scuttling shuffle. A realisaition; I do not know what I am doing. A flapping and impotent man. I am not worried. I am powerful. I am not a youngling of a vampire I am not a real vampire, I am not vamping out, I am not pulling pranks on older ladies. Everything is fine. If I just keep writing then it will be good I think. There is a burning and scary flame inside me. I think it is because I ate a RICH SZECHUAN GRAVY with some freshly made pasta. The pasta is like JAMIE OLIVER'S PASTA. Today I am going to put a small child inside a small white cube and see if it grows into a meat cube. I will not tell the police, they will not find out. The child won't know any different so it is TECHNICALLY not a bad thing to do. I think that it is ok. My eyes hurt.


Crispin Best said...

my szechuan stock is rising.

i feel warm and ok and strong

Martin Higgins said...

Meatcubes for everyone says I.


Children are 'waffleley versatile'.