Friday, 9 January 2009

Late night special.

I am lying awake and my computer has taken me to a page that has made me excited. I have read a very nice story about a man who has an itchy big toe. The big toe is seriously itchy. It is a comforting, nice and lovely story that has a happy and beautiful ending and also a very informative and emotionally intelligent middle as well as a start that is full of promise.

You can read the story here.

I don't know why I am doing this.

I think that my penis is shrinking while the rest of my body is getting fatter. It is as though the front part of my body is folding into my penis which is like a black hole. But somehow I am getting larger. Even though I am folding up into my penis.

My penis has a very large mass. A section of my penis the size of an ant weighs as much as fifteen Empire State Buildings.

My penis is so heavy that light cannot escape from it. Nothing can escape from it. I cannot escape from it.


xtx said...

i would like to study your penis. (for purely scientific purposes, of course.)

that toe story was super cool. i wish i would've written it.

Anonymous said...

wow at the picture above

Anonymous said...

A man being spaghettified by his own penis is something that I think would be broadcast around the world, twenty-four seven, on its own dedicated channel.

I really liked the k@ video too.