Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Tender personal video

Please watch this affecting and emotional film. Please leave comments about how affected you were. Please enjoy our video.

P.S The next post will be my 100th post on Chicken and Pies. It has been a long hard, tedious, boring, monotonous, painful, awful, life destroying process. Prepare to be dazzled.


xtx said...

I was affected by your video in the following way:

-slight feeling of hunger
-motivation to change spelling of my name
-the need to drink my soda using only my fingers.

Diana Lyn said...

Effects included:
disgust (at the finger licking)
curious (perhaps the drink was laced with a fantastic new illegal drug that has to be licked)
relief (cyberstalkers unite)

adam coates said...

there are other ways to meet people apart from stalking?

i have learnt something today

Martin Higgins said...

I watched your video.

I was laughing, there were faces, people smoked, there was a groin, a groin, people enjoyed drinks, fingers.

I woke up 27 miles from my flat. In a canoe made of balsawood. On a hill. Made of balsawood.

I suppose you think you proved something eh? Putting me there.

Aiden Clarkson said...

a thing of great beauty.

Chick said...

Brilliant...I laughed 6 times & now only call people with my phone in my pants.

Anonymous said...


"it's modern!"

Gavin James Bower said...

I was already 'quite' affected. After watching your video, I was 'deeply' affected. So now I am 'more' affected.