Friday, 24 October 2008

Degenerative Bone Disease

I am sick to my core. I have no symptoms except for feeling terrible. There are rings of pain around my eyes. I took days off work this week and got called sick note by someone in work.

I might never get any better and never get any worse. I think that I might be consistently below average for ever. I am a straight, non-sloping line on a graph, written in green ink. 

I am a set of data on excel. The data is slightly not quite good enough. 

I might have a wasting disease. I am wasting. There is nothing which is not wasting. Everything I do has been wasted. I am in a wasteland. A thinning, cold, anaemic wasteland. I am trapped in  my bed. I am on pills. 


Jenn said...

I will fight you sicknote. Any time. My superior fighting skills will shame you. I will do a tiny wee on your laptop.

P.S Get well soon.

xtx said...

I think the only perscription for your ailment is more cowbell.

(i hope that even in England you get the 'more cowbell' reference. if not, let me know and I will enlighten you, because it is very humorous and you will laugh and do a tiny wee on your laptop)

Jenn said...

Is more cowbell to do with that Don't Fear The Reaper song?

Please don't wee on my laptop.

sally cook said...

Saturday Night Live thing?

I don't actually see how anyone weeing on anyone's laptop is going to help matters. Pull yourself together, Socrates. Be a man. This has gone on for far too long. Open your window, maybe, and have a good, long bellow out of it. That'll do the trick.

No really, do get well soon.

Jenn said...

He's not a man though, is he? He's a tiny crumpled sicknote holding a pee stained computer. All mouth and no trousers. You are afraid to fight me!

Pee-note. That's your name from now on.

Jenn said...

P.S Hope you're feeling better.

xtx said...

yes jenn...more cowbell...dont fear the reaper...saturday night live...

dont pick on poor pee-note socrates, he is just a tiny bit of data with some wee on his laptop.

i defend him with my mighty broadsword.

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

Don't worry. I'm feeling better now. As if any of you actually cared.