Monday, 16 March 2009

intolerable heat and feverish hallucination

I am sitting in a small dark room and I am very very very hot. The heat is entering the room from the walls. It is radiating inwards and heating me. I have arranged four fans around me blasting me. They are blasting dry and hot air at me.

I am sweating and wretched. I have nearly sweated all of the moisture out of my body. I feel a red vibration all around me. The walls are humming with a crimson vibration.

I have no strength left. I am starting to enjoy feeling this way. I have no control over anything any more and I feel liberated.

I feel like my parchment skin is about to catch aflame. I am covered with corrugated iron and my insides are asbestos. The most terrible things are happening to me. Oh. An incoming call. "Good afternoon I am dying." "I am trapped in a small room." "Can you somehow help me" "I think there are some ants in here with me." "My skin is falling off."

I need the toilet so I let myself out of the room for a minute.

I let myself back into the room. I curl up slowly and rotate into nothingness.


Martin Higgins said...

It is warm and I am warm.

It is uncomfortable.

DJ Berndt said...

rotate into nothingness