Tuesday, 24 March 2009


is the night of 'there's no point in not being friends with someone if you want to be friends with them'.

crispin is coming up from london and staying at my house.

i am going to give him one million kisses.


Chris East said...

that will be nice
give him a kiss from me

Martin Higgins said...

Holy Cow! The ACTUAL Crispin????

DJ Berndt said...

Give him half a million for me.

rebecca perry said...

i just had a textual message from the ACTUAL crispin,
reading -and i quote-
'we are about to drive to manchester now.'
lip action T MINUS 5 hours.

i thought this would allow you time to prepare and brace.

xTx said...

i am jealous of your man party

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

thanks for the update rebecca perry. xtx don't be jealous.

Fat Roland said...

I laughed so hard at I Am David on Tuesday that I died. I actually died.