Wednesday, 18 March 2009

powerful resonance

I am talking to you. There is a feeling.

The feeling is something that we have created together, because of the things we have been talking about. The feeling makes a noise like white noise. It is like the noise that you hear when you are very still and there is no noise. Someone has taken that noise and amplified it until it is very large and round and fills the space between us.

We sit opposite each other.

I stare at your face and you stare at mine. There is a mania between us.

I look at your face and do not recognise it. There are patches of white and shade on your face. They correspond to the shape of your face in the context of the light in the room. When you blink shadows and tears fall down your face.

Your lips move and you blink and I see that you are very very sad. You give away your emotions in the shape of the features of your face. I marvel at the way in which your features all work together so nicely. I notice that you are sad and it has an effect on me. The sadness that you feel directly alters my mood.

There is a breeze. It moves your hair slightly and makes me cold.

I want to scream and thrash around and then leave. I want you to look at me and shout at me. I want to break something over my head and cut the skin on my face.

I am lying in my bed imagining these things. I think that I am not OK. I think that I am definitely not quite fine.

I go down to the kitchen and pour out one kilogram of salt onto the surface of the kitchen unit. I find the knife that I use to slice up the salt and I slice up the salt into equal sections. I still feel the rush of adrenaline as I slice through the salt with my knife.

Twenty minutes after I have sliced the salt, 500 snails throw themselves onto it and fizzle to death.


xTx said...

this helped me. so thanks.

p.s. my word verification was 'beeterd'...i'm not lying

An Unreliable Witness said...

This sounds like one too many conversations going on in my head when I am trying to ... well, have conversations outside my head. With real people. Scarily real people made of flesh and bone and other bits.

(P.S. My word verification was 'sadusemo', which is an anagram of 'sad mouse'. You're fixing these, aren't you?)

Matt DeBenedictis said...

"There is a mania between us." This made me sucker punch the air. I love you for creating that reaction.

Crispin Best said...

i think this is a really great thing

i will edit the celebricoolcast (***viral marketing campaign begins here***) for over 3 hours, but it will not be as good as this post

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

babe, don't worry babe