Thursday, 5 March 2009

self improvement

I am standing very still on one leg in the middle of my room and there is a calming and beautiful music wafting through the air. The music is Enya.

I am imagining sailing away on a silver moon beam. I am imagining sliding on a moonbeam while standing serenly on one leg all the way to the centre of the sun.

What strange human relationships will I experience on my journey into the centre of the sun? I will meet professionals and vagrants, mothers and young children, introverts and racconteurs. Each human relationship will have no meaning, but a singular texture.

I see that the lines on my face and hands increase in severity as I approach the sun.

I feel as though I am a scientific phenomena. I glace at my heads up display. Systems nominal. Speed = 1,000,000 Mph.

This reminds me of a trip to toramelinos. Or benidorm. But less exotic.

Oh. I have arrived at the centre of the sun. Oh, God lives here!

Fancy that!

After my trip to the sun I sit, tired, on my sofa. What a day out!


Martin Higgins said...

My oh my! What a palaver! Still, beats a day out in blackpool eh? EH? ahahahahahahah (fade to black)

Crispin Best said...

Martin! Fancy that!

DJ Berndt said...

Is God nice? Did you want to vandalize his house? I think I want to try to vandalize it. I think that I would think if I didn't, I would regret it.